Nissan will expand its range of vehicles from 2013 in the compact segment with a new hatchback model and provide in addition to city specialists Micra and the striking Crossover Juke. Reveal as harbingers of the Japanese at the Geneva Motor Show (08/03/2012 – 18/03/2012), the study of “innovation”. In the design of a dynamic and advanced security technologies impressive minivan it could be the successor to the Nissan Note, which was initiated in 2004 on the market.

Nissan Invitation

Energetic design for dynamic performance:

The study characterizes an energetic design and to inspire with new innovations and a strong shot enthusiasm to the mass market. The exterior design of the Nissan Invitation boasts sculptural elements like flowing lines that give the study a dynamic full of character. At the front, lift the expressive appearance out in particular the aggressive bumper and grille with the bold character fully subscribed pig launchers.

A clean, flowing silhouette suggests the dynamic potential and promises a sophisticated aerodynamics. The side edge of innovation, Nissan, meanwhile, characterizes a distinctive character line, the Nissan referred to internally as “squash line” and raises the profile especially. At the same time strengthen the flared wheel arches, confident look.

The non-stretched, coupe-like roof line terminates in a roof spoiler and underlines also held the athletic appearance. This impression is reinforced striking tailpipes integrated into the rear bumper and a rear diffuser.

For a lot of light into the interior of modern design provides a panoramic glass roof. There is a refreshingly bright cabin combine practicality with useful technology features. The name of the study is self-explanatory: this compact car is showing itself welcoming in the first place. This Nissan achieved by the sensual exterior and spacious interior.

Nissan Invitation

Best in class performance and efficiency:

The motor data are not yet expressed their makers. Nissan revealed only that the makers aimed at low-consumption Invitation to a CO2 level of below 100 g / km. In addition, to qualify all future versions of the series “Nissan Pure Drive” certificate, it is all the versions with CO2 emissions below 130 g / km (as of 2013 only 120 g / km).

In addition to the fuel-efficient engines trimmed to wear a lightweight architecture and a low drag coefficient for the highly efficient design. At the same time, the suspension is designed so that the new Nissan will compete in terms of handling and performance on the same level as the principal competitors.

Advanced safety technologies:

But the Nissan Invitation represents more than just an eye-catcher that can move with a lot of fun and low exhaust emissions. Proof of this is for a representative segment of the B-abundant number of advanced security technologies. The main technologies are used for the first time in a compact car “Around View Monitor” (AVM) from Nissan. Thanks to a 360-degree view of AVM backward and makes parallel parking as stress free as never before.

In addition to the Invitation will benefit from the “Nissan Safety Shield” technology that constantly communicate with the vehicle environment and inform the driver about what is going on all around its car.