The Internet has grown steadily and is today no longer indispensable in everyday life. You use it at work or at home, and almost everyone has to use it too. Now it is also possible, in the car to use the Internet. In the first cars to the installation of the network is already done. Peugeot offers one of the first manufacturers where is now on board to WiFi.


Once it is switched on the ignition of the Peugeot, the drivers, the gateway to the global network is open and there can ever be used at will. The prior and during the trip remains the online connection. Up to four other devices such as smartphones or iPad can be used additionally using WiFi. No matter what is down for a speed with the Peugeot, the manufacturer promises that the Internet connection is always constant and therefore all functions can be done with the network, as one would use the Internet from home. The Wi-Fi transmitter itself is a total of 15 x 11 x 3 inches tall. Depending on the model, it is mounted in the interior or in the overhead compartment. There are various fabrications. The package includes a USB stick and even a SIM card, which are previously loaded. The SIM card can be concerned with the respective provider. Here the decision is the client for whom the provider is crucial because it is not a brand prescribed.