Virtually a successful model is the fact disdainful of “T5″ titled VW Multivan. After the visit to Abt Sportsline, the Multivan becomes one trans-athlete, for the abbots continued the great-grandson of Bullis scene so in that the model athlete occurs visually extravagant and technically agile. Makers of Hans-Jurgen Abt reminiscent of the T5 even the basketball superstar Dirk Nowitzki: “the car provides a lot of (purchasing) baskets and despite its extra-large dimensions as freely as necessary”.

Abt Volkswagen T5 Multivan

The modern engines of the VW T5 Multivan prove to be economical and trimmed from home for versatility. ABT Sportsline was still “sporty” and “dynamics” are in the specifications. So the 2.0 TSI performs now spurt strong 240 hp instead of standard 204 hp. A torque of 400 Nm ensures that the Abt Multivan not even fully loaded “starting breath”. Thus equipped, the van just 9.4 seconds is needed from 0 to 100 kph and was over 200 km / h fast.

Powerful 170 hp brings the more powerful version of the 2.0 TDI after surgery on the street. Here are also 400 Nm of torque. Also anyone who opts for the weaker of diesels can equip these with additional “Abt Power”. The extra power, the Abt Sportsline equips the Multivan, benefits of course also its everyday properties.

The Abt Multivan is confident and does not make small. And that would not work anyway, because with the long wheelbase of 3,400 meters, the vehicle is equipped 5.292 meters long. So highlight the designer from Abt Sportsline wanted the massive presence of the T5.

Abt Volkswagen T5 Multivan

The aerodynamic packages are available for models with short or long wheelbase. The package includes a newly created front spoiler, the vehicle together with a more expressive front grille, side skirts and modified rear apron brings the striking visually closer to the road and symbolizes dynamism.

At the rear, Abt Sportsline will consistently continue the sporty theme. The rear skirt houses a 4-pipe rear muffler, which characterizes this as a real Abt Multivan offspring. The rear spoiler pushes the Multivan further towards the road and can be trans-athletes seem almost sporty.

For the contact to the asphalt, the DR-house sports wheels provide befitting in 19 inches. The gun-metal look and turned back rim and then to suggest movement and forward thrust when the Abt Multivan is currently being loaded. New chassis springs and a sport suspension for the loads of the Multivan designed, but still make for a much better road holding of the power pack donkey.